Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Story of Us


My anniversary.

Four fantastic years with the man that is truly my best friend.

Here's the story of "us"...with pictures :)

I don’t really remember “meeting” James. From the time we were little, we attended the same church, as well as middle and high school together. We never dated, but we were always friends, buddies. We graduated together in the class of 2000.

After high school, James was away at Clemson, and I was here in Greenville (where we grew up) attending our tech school and working. By 2002 I landed a job as a teller at a bank here and saw his parents regularly…it’s pretty much how I kept up with how he was. We didn’t have all the texting and Facebook and whatever then.

Fast forward to spring of 2006. I had just come out of a not-so-great, relationship with a guy in the military, and was browsing for people I knew on MySpace (yep, MySpace). I saw a picture of James with a girl I presumed to be his fiancé. I wasn’t “looking” for anything, I just was going to say hi…but figured, well, better not, just in case. Not long after, I saw he’d commented on another friend’s page, and suddenly…the picture of he and his fiancé had Keira Knightley’s head on it! HAHA

So I sent him a message, and it was as if we’d never lost touch. We messaged, we emailed, we talked on the phone and mostly, complained and bonded over our poor relationship histories…me about my ex, James about his former fiancé. I mentioned hey—we should have dinner some time. James was working in Columbia (about 2 hours from here) but said he came home frequently to see his parents and we set a date to have dinner.

I never expected him to have any feelings for me outside of friendship, but that one dinner turned into another, and then movie nights and dates and before I knew it…fall was here. We tailgated with his family at Clemson games that fall and in October, I had to have my tonsils taken out. He slept in the floor of my room and got up with me for pain meds so my parents didn’t have to and then drove the 2 hours to work. How is that for devoted?

We were engaged on November 18, 2006. Our engagement photos were taken at Montreat, and all of our photos (engagement, bridal, etc.) were taken by Joye Durham.

{Let's take a silly photo!}

{One of my absolute favorites...}

We were married on May 5, 2007. Our wedding took place at the church we grew up in (Berea First Baptist), at 7 pm, and yes…it was rather large. I wanted to include my closest friends and his family (which is BIG to me, being the only child of an only child) in the wedding party. I had a blast being surrounded by so many awesome people and even with it’s “ups and downs” that day, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

{James waiting to walk down the aisle vs....}

{me waiting to walk down the aisle hahaha}

{A favorite shot during the ceremony; all of our wedding party except the best men & maid/matron of honor stood in the choir loft}

{Mr. & Mrs. James P. Mullinnix, Jr.!}

{Us with our fantastic family and friends that were a part of our big day!}


After our wedding we honeymooned in St. Thomas for a week and it was beautiful…my first time outside the continental U.S. We both still hate to fly!

Fast forward to today…we’re celebrating our 4th anniversary and about to welcome our first child into this world (well, as I type this anyway; hopefully he will have arrived by the time this post goes up!). It’s been amazing so far…and I can’t wait to see what the next 4 years hold!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful day.


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