Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guest Post: Nursery Reveal from Lucky 7 Design

Hey everyone...It's me Melanie from Lucky 7 Design again. I'm here at LP's and figured since she is probably is the nursery with Baby C......I would show you some photos and projects from my newly relocated nursery for my daughters Maya & Meme; (nicknames of course this is blog land) they are 4 and 1.

This room was original the master, but was a waste of space as I'm never in my bedroom except to sleep which as most of you know doesn't happen often. I blog from 10pm.-2 a.m. and in between those hours making bottles & changing diapers.

Here is the baby blue master before I started painting.

I used Valspar - Atlantic Gray for some furniture and accessory pieces (it looks like Robins Egg Blue)

You remember my little Valspar kit

Here is the antique bed after I refinished it.

Here it is in the to the baby's cherry crib.

As you can see the walls were painted to Valspar Woodrow Wilson Linen (it's one of the National Trust for Historic Preservation colors)

Old wooden shutter w/ a scratchy coat of paint

Here is an unorganized look when I starting moving things back into the room

This vintage birdcage & stand was bought especially for this room and it's theme

Some handmade wall art from Home Goods Frame and coordinating blue HG frame

Our little vignette wall over the changing table

More homemade wall art from broken, glassless frames

I like 2's

The left wall of the room is Mama's craft office (lol)

Peep that bowl on the desk...LP made that! I won it in a giveaway and we've been blogging buddies ever since.

I started to refinished this cabinet (painted the inside with the blue) but not sure I want to touch the original finish on the outside yet.

On top of the cabinet are vintage frames that I painted out and placed on top with a bird house I bought in South Carolina.

Still a few things to be done...I will do an official reveal at some point.


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