Friday, September 23, 2011

hi there


Hi y'all...anyone remember me?

I'm alive. It's true. I keep saying that and then I simply do not have time to post. I've all but given up this blog...I don't know that I have the time...but I do enjoy sharing things with those of you kind enough to hang around!

I've made lots of wreaths this week!

How do you feel about...mummies???

This one with 4 sets of mondo-googly eyes was gifted to my mom! She thinks mummies are hilarious, I don't know why.

And this little cutie is mine!

I had tons of these colorful googly eyes laying around, so add a little hot glue and some white felt, and ta-da!

I think they're pretty cute! More to come, hope you'll stay tuned!


  1. Very cute idea!
    Don't be too worried about blogging. I don't have any babies and I barely ever post anymore!


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