Monday, July 4, 2011

highs & lows

Hey, y'all!

I might have found a new addiction...linking up to Jen's highs & lows.
I can't resist the urge to blab. And complain.

I'm going to start with my lows, because it's been a crap week and I want to end this post on a high note.


*You may have read my blog post about my grandma, MaMa, that passed away on June 14. Two weeks to the day later, June 28, my husband's Papa George passed away. It is a devastating loss for the family. Papa George was the patriarch of the family in the truest since of the word. My father-in-law's birthday was today, and it made me even more sad for both losses. It's my f-i-l's first birthday without his dad, and just days after his passing as well. In just 10 days, it'll be my first birthday without my grandma.

*I'll be 29 in 10 days. I think I mentioned that last time too hahaha...I'm just not sure how I feel about that!

*I'm struggling getting back into the "creating" groove since little man has arrived. I hate that too, because I have some really fun ideas tumbling around and I get grumpy when I've not had any creative time.

*I never had typical teenage skin problems. Maybe an occasional pimple but not "acne". Then I hit my early 20's and developed cystic acne. If you're not familiar, it is quite painful and atrocious to deal with. I got it under control about 3.5 years ago...annnnd then I had Baby C and it's back. But on my jawline & neck this time, not my face. It's horrid. I cannot take the oral medicine I had previously since I'm nursing and topical meds aren't helping. Pair that with the poochy baby belly fat I have hanging around and my self esteem is in the crapper.


*I know what I'm about to say is gonna make a lot of mommas mad...but I realized the other day I made it through my first pregnancy (first implies there will be more than one, and I'm not too keen on that right now hahaha) without any stretch marks. I'm pretty pumped about it. Please don't hate me :)

*Little man is 9 weeks as of Wednesday. He got shots the day before and did great. Lots of crying until he was back in his carrier and then he was okay! Thank you, liquid Tylenol.

*We had dinner for my f-i-l's birthday tonight followed by sparklers. Or, according to little dude (below), "marklers". Whatever. This grown up loves some 'marklers'.

*I'll be on vacation in TWO. WEEKS. I'm seriously counting down the days. I do not, however, have any kind of clue how to pack for an infant. This could get dicey.

*My birthday is coming!!! Mark your calendars, people, I love birthday cake. And gifts.


  1. No....stretch...marks? RAWR.
    Nah, I didn't get any with my first. I got some with my third and fourth though. Oh well. Big deal, right?
    Speaking of birthday gifts, when you get your package in the mail, the little thingy I stuck in there is a key chain. I suddenly realized that I didn't write a note and you might think it's some kind of odd pendant.

  2. I ended up with stretch marks. Like a tiger scratched my hips. Ugh. At least they've faded and are that silvery color, but oh well. Mark of a momma, blah blah blah. Amazing how we can send a man to the moon but we can't do anything about stretch marks.

    Your lows are a bummer. And you know that. And it sucks. And you're allowed to be mad, and upset, and pissed off. I hate when blogs are all sunshine and rainbows and "life is perfect, my family is perfect, blah blah blah". I'd must rather read a blog from a real person. It's nice to have a place to vent. Hugs and prayers from me.

  3. Sorry about you low...Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
    In a good note, I did not get any stretch marks either with two kids...Hope you get lot of presents and ate lot of cakes for your birthday :)

  4. Your lows are crappy. Thinking of you and your family during these losses.

    And not to sound old, but from someone who turned 36 this year, 29 sounds pretty great. I actually think from about 28 to now have been the best years. There's something liberating and 'grown up' about being near/in your thirties. Like the world will take you seriously now! :)

    And about the stretch marks, I'll give you a loud YIPPEE!!! Pregnancy wrecks so much havoc on our bodies and there's so much potential for serious issues with both mom and baby that when things go well, we should all be thrilled! :)


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