Thursday, February 3, 2011

look what I got!

Jennifer from Life, Crafts, and Whatever nominated me for this:

How awesome is that? This is my first time getting something like this and I am pretty pumped about it! Thanks Jennifer!

Here are the rules that go along with this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

I know I recently shared a few things about myself so lets see if I can come up with 7 new or different things to keep y'all entertained!

1. I am left handed...I'm the only lefty in my family that anyone knows of, alive or deceased. However, the only thing I do exclusively with my left hand is write. I can eat with either hand, but I cannot brush my teeth or use scissors except with my right hand. Strange, I know. It's a righty's world ;)

2. I love the beach. It doesn't much matter where it is (although given the time and money, I do have preferences) as long as it's warm, sandy, and there's an ocean. I live in a city that lays at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and while it is pretty, I could take or leave any mountain view or trip. Give me the beach any day.

3. I love cars, especially hot rods, antiques, muscle cars...basically anything you'd see in any type of car show I'm open to. I love the sound of the exhaust, the speed, all the shiny fun...and I can change the oil in my car or a flat.

4. I hate hate hate the lake. Any lake. I will not get in that grody water. I don't mind being in a boat or a pontoon but I'm not getting in the water. Yuck.

5. I love football. I would totally play football if I could. I have a small anger-management issue ;) I want to be on the defense so I can plow into some big dudes and maybe faceplant the guy trying to make the touch down. That sounds like super fun to me.

6. I have never traveled outside the United States. I don't even own a passport. I went to the USVI for my honeymoon, but that's still US soil, so...yeah.

7. I am deathly afraid of bugs. I say bugs to encompass spiders, anything that hops or flies, snails, etc. So stuff that may not technically be a 'bug'...but you get the idea. You put Freddy Krueger on one side of a room, fill the other with bugs...I'll take my chances with Freddy.

Now without further adieu here are my nominations for this lovely award:


  1. Thank you very much :D

  2. Congrats crafty chica...


    I want one....

    Jessica @

  3. You are so sweet! And for the record...I hate bugs too....and reptiles (any kind)! Congrats got Style!

  4. LOVE!!! Thanks you made my day!

  5. so how how does it work? Does someone win, or do I do a post like this one??

  6. How cute are you? Congrats on your Stylish blogger award, and even more so your excitement! We have two big things in common... The Beach and our love football.
    Thanks for the shout out on my blog. I'll try my best to get all the requirements met... thanks again. YOU ROCK!

  7. Thank you!!!! <3 and congrats girl!! =)


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